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The Importance of Measurement

One of the most important aspects to public relations is quantitative measurement. Measurement aids practitioners when determining if their plan has succeeded. As a student, I haven’t had the opportunity to work on my measurement skills; this is probably because hypothetical measurements aren’t as effective as life experience. I decided to do my measurement experiment and to expand my network simultaneously.

Recently, I discovered, which measures an individual’s statistics on Twitter. It also ranks you in terms of your influence in your community; I ranked 675,634th on and 342nd in the Eugene, OR area.’s criteria is fairly basic; I decided to also follow my ranking on Twitter Grader uses an algorithm to determine the standing for its users. For more information on how the ranking is determined, please see Twitter Grader. I am currently ranked 2,126,911 out of 6,868,420 with my profile “graded” a 69 out of 100. My goal for this experiment is to increase my ranking by five percent on and by one percent on Twitter Grader in three months.

From this experience, I hope to improve my measurement skills for public relations work. I also hope to become an influential “tweeter.” By this, I mean posting relevant information about public relations instead of posting what I’m having for breakfast. To increase my standing on, I will start to follow more public relations professionals and increase my communication with them.

Let’s test the power of social media!